Industrial and commercial fan ventilators, tubeaxial and vanexail inline fan ventilators, centrifugal radial pressure blowers. Sales of wall and roof exhaust fans and propeller power ventilators for industrial warehouse buildings and manufacturing facilities. Quick delivery of exhaust and supply wall / roof building ventilating fans, high pressure blowers, high temperature ventilators. Engineering sales of custom and special fan blower wheel blades and impellers.








Sales of Greenheck fans, blowers, ventilator, Greenheck wall and roof exhuast fans. Engineering of Greenheck upbalst roof fans, Greenheck wall exhaust fans.


Propeller Fans

Exhaust and Supply
Belt and Direct Drive Ventilators
Sizes to 84" DIA
CFMs to 110,000
Pressures to 1.5" WG

Wall exhaust Greenheck fan ventilator exhauster industrial Cooling propeller fan mancooler circulator ventilator
Axial Roof Ventilators

Exhaust and Supply
Belt and Direct Drive Fans
Sizes to 72" DIA
CFMs to 120,000
Pressures to 12" WG

Roof exhaust tubeaxial fan ventilator exhauster

Roof exhaust and supply hooded fans ventilators industrial

Industrial upblast roof exhaust fan ventilator exhauster
Centrifugal Roof Exhausters

CFMs to 50,000
Pressures to 3" WG

Greenheck fan ventilator dome roof exhaust fan

Greenheck Ventilator up-blast roof exhauster


Centrifugal Wall Fans

CFMs to 25,000
Pressures to 3" WG

Loren Cook fan ventilator wall wan exhauster


Circulating Fans

Pedestal, bracket & mobile ventilator  types.
Sizes to 48" DIA
Multi-speed and oscillating fans.


Mobile air cooling fan mancooler air circulator

Mancooler blower ventilator mobile circulating fan

Heavy duty industrial mancooling fan mancoller ventilator

  • FRP, Stainless, plastic fan construction available, as well as
  • High-temperature and fire resistant ventilator construction
  • Accesories: backdraft and motorized dampers, fan shutters, louvers, cabinets, wall sleeves, roof curbs, spark-resistant and explosion-proof fan construction, safety guards, speed controllers and safety disconnects, emergency ventilation control centers, filtered supply units, manhole ventilators, gasoline driven fans.


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Industrial high pressure fans, blowers and heavy duty ventilators, high temperature fans blowers supply. Sales of centrifugal and axial process fans, blowers and ventilators, wall, roof exhaust and supply power fans ventilators.
Axial flow fans or industrial axial fans move an air stream along the axis of the fan. The way these fans work is similar to the propeller on an airplane: the fan blades generate an aerodynamic lift that pressurizes the air. Axial NIS-CO Fans use a propeller to draw the air into the fan then discharge it in the same axial direction. Typical types of industrial axial fans include:

* Tube axial fans (also called duct fans),
* Panel fans (also called wall fans),
* Personnel coolers,
* Roof Ventilators,
* Air circulators,
* Vaneaxial fans

As specialists in air moving applications and equipment, NIS-CO Fan Co. understands industrial blower technology and designs systems for a host of facilities and industries, and work with the best names in industrial blower equipment, including TCF, NYB, IAP. A blower can achieve much higher pressure than a fan, and can be used to produce negative pressures for industrial vacuum systems. In selecting the right industrial blower equipment to serve your needs, you must consider conditions such as:

- Required airflow through the blower;
- Static pressure through the complete system;
- Suction pressure at the blower inlet;
- Airflow conditions through the blower;
- Altitude at which the blower will be operating;
- Composition of what is going through the blower - for example, is it explosive or flammable ?

NIS-CO Fan and exhaust TCF fans do not differ significantly from non-industrial types in their basic operation. The main characteristics that make blowers and fans industrial are the heavy duty construction, wheel type, shaft and bearings, materials and gauges used. Industrial Pressure Blower Co. will work through all of the necessary considerations in developing an industrial air movement system that best addresses your needs and provides you with the most advanced industrial blowers and industrial TCF exhaust fans from the leading manufacturers.

Propeller / axial wheel types may include:

- Fixed pitch
- Adjustable pitch
- Swept back design
- Impeller wheel
- Low noise
- Reversible

Bifurcated Fans are direct driven axial fans where the motor is encased in a metal box to isolate it from the airflow. The term "bifurcated" means split in two branches, or parts. In terms of a bifurcated fan, the fan is constructed so that the fan rests between two forked channels, which carry the air, creating a void behind the axis of the fan itself. This makes TCF bifurcated fans ideal for exhausting or re-circulating fumes, gases and hot air up to high temperatures. The bifurcated fan motor must have access to ambient air, and have non-overloading characteristics. TCF bifurcated fans are typically used when the motor needs to be shielded from hot gases or other threatening conditions.

HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. As a result, the big ceiling fan (up to 24 feet in diameter) can create an evaporative cooling effect during the summer months while de-stratifying uneven floor to ceiling temperatures in the winter. This results in significant energy savings since the heating system cycles less frequently.
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