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Tenderall Co. makes two primary gas-fired AHU types: direct gas-fired and indirect gas-fired air handlers.


A direct gas-fired AHU has a gas burner installed directly in the outside makeup-air stream. The products of combustion (carbon dioxide [CO2], carbon monoxide [CO], nitrogen dioxide [NO2]) are discharged directly into the makeup air stream and supplied to the building area.


An indirect gas-fired AHU has a sealed combustion chamber where all products of combustion are discharged through a flue to the outside environment and no products of combustion are discharged within the make-up air supplied to the building. Such airhandler also frequently is utilized for recirculating-air applications.


Though simple in principle of operation, direct gas-fired AHUs have sophisticated burner-control systems. AHUs sizes range from 1,000 cfm with a heating capacity of 80,000 Btuh to 100,000 cfm with a heating capacity of 15 million Btuh. Direct-gas-fired-AHU components usually include housings, supply fans, outside air intake hoods, intake dampers, filters and burners.


AHU housings are made of galvanized or aluminized steel. Access panels are provided to access dampers, filters, burners, and fans / motors. AHUs located outside are provided with a sloped roof and standing seam joints.


Fans typically are double-width double-inlet (DWDI) with forward-curved or backward-inclined blades. Fans can come with open drip-proof (ODP) or totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors. The most typical external static pressure in the 2- to 3-in.-wg range. Because most outside istalled air handling units can operate  below 0°F, fan motors and bearings are rated to handle lower temperatures. For applications that require supply-air temperatures higher than 110°F, the motors and fan bearings are rated for maximum design operating temperatures when placed in draw-through configurations.


Outside air intake hoods or weather hoods are designed for an installation specific location and usually provided with bird screens. Outside-air intake isolation dampers are furnished to prevent cold air from dropping through a unit into a warm building and warm air from escaping through a unit during winter months, when it is not in operation. Low-leakage parallel blade isolation dampers are most standard. The fan discharge is located at the opposite to isolation-damper position.


A filter cabinet normally has 30/30 filters in a V-bank configuration to increase filter area and reduce static-pressure drop across the filters. Higher-efficiency filters are used on application.


A burner consists of a cast-iron or aluminum pipe assembly with drilled gas orifices. The fuel-air mixing is controlled by perforated stainless-steel baffles attached to the pipe assembly. The burner can be placed in the outside airstream or in the outside / return mixed-air stream. But to prevent potentially hazardous combustion byproducts of indoor-air contaminants, the burner is placed in the outside airstream only. The required airflow across the burner must be within a specific velocity range (typically 2,500 to 3,500 fpm) for proper combustion. For variable airflow units, a modulating bypass damper or profile plate maintains the airflow velocity within the specified velocity range. Otherwise, the burner can experience inefficient operation, generate odors in the occupied spaces served, and create an un-safe increase in certain products of combustion.

LONG SERVICE LIFE: We use premium quality industrial-grade materials and additional protective coatings for external surfaces and internal components of our Air Handling Units - to withstand the specific gases flow and the installation conditions of each application, industrial and commercial / institutional.

CAPACITIES: Up to 100,000 CFM for standard construction and larger, custom made on special request.

FLEXIBILITY: Every air handling unit is designed for the specific installation and connections conditions. The AHU floor area and its cross section dimensions are adjusted for precise room available at site.

EASY INSTALLATION: Packaged compact or sectional air handler design provided with lifting arrangement and protections for easy transportation and handling / installation at site.

LOW MAINTENANCE: Service friendly design which provide large room inside cabinet, access doors, light and rigid floor ensuring accessibility to all components.

HIGH EFFICIENCY: Fans, coils, motors, humidifiers, filters, external insulation material, silencers, enclosure tightness, and other components are carefully selected and engineered for lowest energy consumption.

OPERATIONALLY SAFE: Safety devices and guards are provided in accordance to the international regulations and the customer specific requirements.

PRECISE PERFORMANCE: To match the customer capacities requirement utilizing
the computerized selection for each AHU component.

Industrial gas fired Heatcraft air handling unit airhandler

Industrial gas-fired airhandler Heatcraft ahu air-handling units
Canada Blower, as required, will include in their ventilation design packages industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units, including custom air handlers and large air volume heating and cooling air turnover units.

Canada Blower Industrial HVAC products:

Standard industrial-grade equipment
Custom designs
Indoor or rooftop
Multiple air filtration efficiency options
Responsible energy reduction
Noise attenuation options
Expected Air Handling Unit Performance

Canada Blower standard equipment includes:

Direct-fired make-up air units to 85,000 CFM
Indirect-fired make-up air units to 57,000 CFM
Air turnover (air rotation) units to 100,000 CFM
Air Handling Unit Terminology
Make-Up Air
Air Rotation
Evaporative, DX or chilled water cooling
Door heaters
Gas or electric heating
Heat recovery

Large Building Ventilation Applications

Applications for large space ventilation are numerous:

Rolling mills
Poultry Houses
Fruit and Produce Storage Facilities
Shale Gas Compressor Stations
Motor Room Ventilation

Canada Blower components for Large Building Ventilation Projects
Components for the ventilation system:

Supply and Exhaust Fans – in wall or roof configurations
Cooler Fan Silencers
Louvers, Dampers & Diffusers
Side Access Filter Housings
Ridge Vents
Intake Hoods -weather and gooseneck designs
SysTech custom Ventilation Modules
Electric Unit Heaters
EXP Unit Heaters – catalytic, electric or hot water
HVAC Units
EXP Gas detection Purge Systems
Electrical Control Packages

Buildings may be steel pre-engineered, brick, block, or brick construction,  typically with roof exhaust and wall supply openings, with fan-powered ventilation modules moving large volumes of air. Canada Blower has designed ventilation projects using the principles of air changes per hour, dilution of concentrated contaminants, or source capture of a pollutant. Air change and dilution designs employ passive or natural ventilation or active or mechanical ventilation techniques.

Each ventilation design package is tailored to available utilities, local weather conditions, hazardous and/or explosive nature of the conveyed gases, ambient air quality, occupational safety and comfort, number of personnel on-site, noise criteria and specific requirements.

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industrial airhandler

Explosion proof  backwardly inclined; airfoil; radial and radial-tip fans and blowers.  Pressure blowers; plug fans; air kits; centrifugal and axial ventilators; acid resistant blowers, agitation and aeration FRP and Propylene blowers, blower filter units, blower filters, blower repair and rebuild, Barron, fan and blower balancing, fan and blower wheels and impellers, air jet blowers and systems, axial blowers, cooling blowers and fans, corrosion resistant blowers, fiberglass reinforced plastic and PVC blowers and fans, furnace fans and blowers, mobile and package fans and blowers, manhole fans and blowers, electric and gasoline motor driven fans and blowers High temperature fans from Canada Blower can withstand temperatures up to 2200 F° or 1200 C°. These Super high temperature fans are offer as centrifugal amongst other types.

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Industrial & OEM fans, blowers, ventilators, pressure blowers and high temperature fans. Sales of centrifugal & axial fans and blowers, industrial process fans, building ventilators, dust collecting fans. Supplier of radial blowers, vaneaxial & tubeaxial ventilators, explosion proof spark-resistant fans, fiberglass FRP, PVC and Propylene blowers, oven circulating super high temperature fans. Designers of air tight sealed blowers, stainless steel, aluminum and special alloy fans, super high pressure centrifugal, regenerative, side channel and multi-stage blowers, high volume ventilators. Engineering of air moving and industrial ventilation equipment, combustion blowers, material handling and pneumatic conveying fans, inline direct & belt driven ventilators. Distributors of Chicago Blower, American Coolair / ILG NYB TCF fans, wall & roof exhaust and supply power ventilators, panel propeller fans, gas-fired direct and indirect make-up air handling units AHU, air curtains and blow-off air knives and air-knife systems, fan silencers, corrosion-resistant ventilators, positive pressure ventilators, mobile macoolers, reversible duct ventilators, fan dampers and louvers.

Type JTDC Direct Drive Up Blast Power Roof Ventilators y Canada Blower

APPLICATIONS: American CoolAir JTDC ventilators are designed are designed for minimal maintenance requirements and efficient, economical operation. They are constructed for rugged industrial service where the fan assembly must be located above the roof. JTDC upblast PRVs can accommodate larger motors and thus provide higher air capacity and static pressure capability. Canada Blower PRVs can be easily connected to duct work with the optional duct connector accessory.

CONSTRUCTION: Type JTBC Canada Blower ventilators are constructed to discharge vertically so that air velocity seals the opening against rain and snow. When the fan is off, counterbalanced fiberglass damper doors/flaps close by gravity to a weather-resistant closure and serve as a skylight. The JTBC PRV’s are constructed of heavy gauge steel, up to 1/4” plate. All ferrous materials are painted with thermosetting epoxy paint for corrosion protection. The wind shroud is made of galvanized steel and the damper doors are made of fiberglass with ultraviolet inhibitors. The fan is direct driven. JTDC PRVs use from 3 to 6 cast aluminum adjustable pitch airfoil blades that are securely attached to a heavy cast aluminum hub. Blade pitch is set for catalog performance. The JTDC PRV Canada Blower fan blades have specifically engineered airfoil sections and hub sizes for optimum efficiency and physical strength.