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HVAC Equipment Components



- Electrical steam humidifiers
- Element and electrode types
- Modulating humidification
- Gas fired humidifiers
- Steam-to-steam humidifiers


Electric steam humidifier for gas humidifiers humidification
Heat Exchangers

- Heating and Cooling Finned Coils
- Liquid-to-Air and Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
- Industrial process heat exchange coils


Industrial process heating cooling coils heat-exchangers.


Dampers and Actuators

- Fan and blower dampers
- Isolation / flow diverter industrial process blower dampers
- Fan louvers and shutters


Industrial process airtight air damper
Blower fan damper
Fan blower air damper industrial

Air Systems

- High penetration air knives and air cannons
- Air curtains / gas gates / air screens
- Material handling & pnematic conveying blower systems
- Dust collecting systems and air scrubber blowers


Industrial process airknife for industtrial blow-off
High pressure blower system of pressure blowers in series
Silencers and Enclosures

- Blower and fan silencers
- Sound enclosures
- Vibration eliminators


Industrial gas-fired airhandling unit AHU air handler

Silencer fo industrial fan pressure blower

Sale of TCF NYB fans / blowers, American Coolair ventilators, Aerovent ventilators / fans, side channel blowers, regenerative blowers, Canarm ventilators, ACME fans, Leader Delhi fans, ILG ventilators, Plastec propylene blowers, New York Ventilators, confined space fans and ventilators.

Buffalo centrifugal blowers and fans are found throughout the world operating in industrial processes where performance, reliability and maintainability are of paramount importance. Ranging in diameter from 12" to over 96", and with a variety of impeller designs, control systems and layout options, they form a comprehensive series of centrifugal fans to satisfy virtually all industrial applications.

The majority these centrifugal fans and blowers can be grouped into three broad categories; custom engineered, pre-engineered and OEM. All are supplied to the same exacting standards.

Buffalo Blower pre-engineered centrifugal fans are selected aerodynamically from a range of standard sizes and configured mechanically to meet the customer’s requirements. This allows to provide a cost-effective solution to moving air or gas where the additional cost of a custom engineered fan is not justified either by higher efficiency or mechanical strength. Centrifugal fans store significant amounts of energy when running, and if the fan is not correctly matched with the operating conditions the consequences for the plant operator can include excessive power consumption, noise generation or mechanical failure, resulting in a significant loss of revenue.

Each of Buffalo blower designs has been exhaustively tested, aerodynamically and acoustically. The mechanical design is supported by modern analysis techniques, such as finite element analysis. Many options are available in terms of drive arrangement, output control, layout and auxilliary equipment, to give flexibility to the plant designer. All major impeller configurations are supplied including aerofoil, backward curved, backward inclined and radial tipped blade designs.

Buffalo Blower custom engineered centrifugal fans are designed specifically for each contract which allows us to apply a combination of experience, advanced design techniques and a knowledge of the operating conditions to select the optimum fan in terms of capital cost, running cost, maintainability and reliability. Large centrifugal fan rotors store significant amounts of energy when running. If the fan is not designed and manufactured correctly, and matched with the operating conditions, the consequences for the plant operator can include excessive power consumption, noise generation, vibration and mechanical failure, resulting in a significant loss of revenue.

Each of centrifugal blower or fan designs has been exhaustively tested, aerodynamically and acoustically. Empirical design formulae that have been validated over many years are backed up with modern analysis techniques, including finite element analysis, dynamic response analysis and computational fluid dynamics.

It is this combination of knowledge and experience that has resulted in Bufalo Blower becoming a global market leader in heavy-duty centrifugal blowers and fans.